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7Brands is a professional translation company specializing in quality Portuguese translation services. Our certified translation services are ideal for companies operating in markets such as legal, business, technical, financial, website and software. Our Portuguese translators are native-speaking translators ready to deliver quality, handcrafted translations that your project demands.

Portuguese Translation

Why Use Our Portuguese Translation Services?

Hundreds of our satisfied clients (in over 30 countries) use our Portuguese translations for all their major industry projects. Our Quality Assurance Team is comprised of certified translators, specialized project managers and seasoned editors. Our services include:

  • Accurate & Reliable
  • Fast & On Time
  • Native / Certified Translators
  • Great Communication
  • Certification & Notary Public Available
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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Specialty services: English to Portuguese, Portuguese to English,  sworn translations (aka “Tradução Juramentada”) and Rush Jobs.
Support services: desktop publishing and certified translations


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We guarantee the highest caliber translations at affordable prices in the shortest time possible. Our project managers, translators, and editors are specialized in their concentration areas to ensure the best document translation you can get.

About 7Brands

  • 7Brands has been the #1 choice for companies looking for certified Portuguese to English translations and English to Portuguese translations.
  • Our field range and quality assurance is seldom matched by individual linguists or multilanguage companies.
  • We use state-of-art translation tools, methodologies and experienced, native linguists to increase productivity and quality.
  • Most companies operating internationally have their user manuals, legal documents, business correspondence, marketing materials, and other relevant documents translated from English to Portuguese and Portuguese to English on a daily basis.

Portuguese Language Quick Facts

  • The Portuguese language is the official language in nine nations in the world, ranking as the sixth most frequently spoken language.
  • More than 200 million people speak Portuguese today
  • Portuguese Translation has become one of the top five languages translated worldwide.
  • In 1986, Portuguese became an official language of the European Union (EU).
  • Portuguese is classified into Brazilian Portuguese and European Portuguese (or Continental Portuguese).
  • Brazilian Portuguese is spoken in Brazil while European Portuguese is used in countries other than Brazil.
  • Due to the steady development of Brazil and former Portugal colonies, demand for quality Portuguese translation services has been growing strongly.


Certified Translators

To get a translation properly done consider the following factors:

  • Brazilian Portuguese is different from the European Portuguese. Spelling, pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar are different. Although an effort has been taken by Portugal and Brazil to converge both varieties, it is still easy for native speakers to recognize when a document was not translated into the right language.
  • A professional Portuguese translator will work only with her native variety. Brazilian Portuguese translators should work only with English to Brazilian Portuguese or Brazilian Portuguese to English translation. European Portuguese translators should work only with English to European Portuguese or European Portuguese to English.
  • Native speakers are a must for the target language. A Portuguese to English translator should be native in English. An English to Portuguese translator should be native in Portuguese.
  • Many companies choose to translate the material solely into Brazilian Portuguese. Brazil represents an economy almost 10 times bigger than Portugal (8.87 times bigger in terms of GDP as of 2010).
  • Have you seen “Portugese” written somewhere? Maybe “Portugese Translation Services” in an ad? “Portugese Translation” is a common misspell of “Portuguese Translation”. “Gue” is not a common construction in the English language.

Field Specialties

Our professional translators specialize in translating materials pertaining to their specialty fields, such as business translation, technical translation, legal translation, marketing translation, medical translation, and certified translation. Specialist translators will be able to develop a higher expertise in their fields and offer an accurate and well rounded translation.