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Who Are We?

7Brands translation is a professional French translation company that serves organizations from different specialty areas, including law, finance, technology, and business. Our native French translators possess the training, linguistic skills, and experience necessary to provide our clients with accurate translations that are hand crafted to meet their needs. A team of proofreaders reviews every translation we produce, guaranteeing customer satisfaction. We also offer a number of other services, such as specialty translations, certified / notarized translations, and graphic design / desktop publishing services.

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If you would like to learn more about 7Brands Translation, please visit our About Us page.

What We Offer

7Brands Translation can provide you with translation services using different language combinations, working with many languages from around the world in order to serve a global clientele. The most common language combinations that we work with are English to French translation and French to English translation.

Our team is led by courteous project managers who are always willing to walk an extra mile to meet the needs of our clients. They serve as the liaisons between you and our translation team. Many of our translators are experts in a specific specialty area, such as law, finance, business, engineering, advertising, and others. Should your project require a translator with extensive knowledge of a specialty area, we are able to assign your translation to one of our highly skilled translators with the requisite experience and expertise. We at 7Brands Translation are committed to your success, and will select the translator that will best suit your project to complete your translation.

Many of our clients are concerned about the security of the information contained in the documents they want to translate. At 7Brands Translation, we have comprehensive security and privacy policies in place to protect any sensitive information we handle. For larger jobs, we are willing to offer our clients a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) at no extra cost. (Additional fees may apply for smaller jobs.)

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Why Use Our Services

In recent decades, France has developed one of the most powerful economies in the European Union, and worldwide. In 2007, France’s GDP was measured at US$2.067 trillion, making it the sixth largest global economy. For companies worldwide that are trying to tap into the French market, French translation is an essential step in the direction of this transition. Likewise, companies that are trying to establish themselves in global French-speaking markets—which consist of more than 175 million people worldwide—can also make valuable use of our services.

Our clients come back to us with their translation projects time and time again because they know that we provide accurate translations and can work within their allotted timeframe. If you would like to browse a partial list of our clients, click here. This list shows the range of clients who have used our services and found what they were looking for in a French translation company: high quality standards and a dedication to customer satisfaction.

Effectively rendered translations that meet your needs
Courteous project managers and expert translators
Guaranteed delivery to meet difficult deadlines
French Translation Certification and Notarization available
Complete satisfaction guaranteed!
100% Satisfaction Guarantee On Our French Translation
Our French Translations include a
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Our Specialty Industries

7Brands Translation has access to a large number of experts who can provide French translations in a wide variety of specialty areas. Our translators match highly developed linguistic skills with a focused knowledge of a specific subject area. Our translators ensure that no meaning is lost in translation, that industry standardized terms are translated properly, and that each specialty translation you entrust us with is tailored to meet your specifications.

Legal Translation

Contracts, agreements, certificates, wills and trusts, documents of partnership, and a wide variety of other legal documents. Our translators in this area have legal experience and extensive qualifications within the legal area.

Business Translation

Business reports, profit projections, professional articles, board meeting minutes, intra-office communications, electronic documents, project proposals, etc. Our business translators have years of experience in various business areas, as well as the communications skills to effectively render your business translations.

Technical Translation

Technical manuals, software (databases, operating system GUIs, etc), schematics and diagrams, instruction books, and many more. Our technical translators are well versed in a variety of technical fields, and can effectively translate complex technical terminology without compromising its meaning.

Other Areas

7Brands Translation can also serve clients whose projects fall into a number of other areas, such as science, engineering, medicine, and more!